Frontend web developer, skilled in ustilising modern frameworks to build an interactive, user oriented web applications

I have always been fascinated by how modern software works and wished I knew how to build one. This desire prompted me into making friends with computer science students, reading programing books while I was in school despite reading a course that was completely not in line with my course of study.

During my service year in 2015, I started blogging, this required I have a developer who would build my website, since I couldn’t get an affordable one, I started researching how to build website. This produced my first website,

Fast forward to 2016, I got a job as a content writer/editor at Areagist.   Though I was not in charge of design, I learnt mini customisations.

This job paved way for me as a content writer for DailyPosts UK as a remote content writer, I had more time to study how WordPress works.  Through this, I was moved from content department to Project Management, where I was in charge of managing all the web projects of the company.

Later in 2017, after completing my first PHP course I was moved to be understudy the development team, where I helped built sites like, among others.

Since then I have built other sites like,, etc.

Sylvanus Godbless
Freelance Web Develeoper
21 mission Road Okwuru

An entry level Frontend/JavaScript Developer, with high rate of successful frontend projects available online. Highly skilled in frontend web development technologies like React JS, Advanced Vanilla JavaScript, UI design tools (Figma), CSS and it's frameworks.

Also skilled in Content Management Systems like WordPress, Joomla and Magento. 

Niger Delta University

Studied theatre and media studies at the prestigious Niger Delta University, with focus on creative writing and technical set construction and design.

LocTech IT Institute
PHP Web Development

Studied the development of modern web applications using PHP, and Wordpress.

Built a working hospital management system and an e-commerce website 

Stuttern Graduate Accelerator
Modern Frontend Development

Studied the use of modern frontend frameworks like React JS, Vanilla JavaScript, UI design, API call to build intuitive user interfaces.

Built a library application that fetches data from the Google book API.

Work Experience
DailyPosts UK (Remote)
Web Project Manager

Manage the daily running of all web projects.

Liaise with designers to properly interpret client's briefs.

Routine maintenance of client's projects and company's assets.


Building Markups, structures and layouts of a Web applications by using a variety of tags and attributes.
Styling markups with CSS3
Using modern JavaScript to build applications. Familiar with ES6, ES7 and ES2019. Use of Fetch to get data from external API's, Jquery
Building and designing user interfaces
React JS
Building single page web application using REACT JS hooks and components
Building web components using WordPress hooks and API, designing websites with page builders, theme customisation
Modern web application middleware for NODEJS
Database management and Rest API construction with MongoDg
Database management with MySql
Version Control / Project Management
GIT, Trello, Asana
Using the various tools for effectively managing projects and versioning

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